November 10, 2012


I will often talk about working with 'clear' colors and working with 'off' colors: clear colors being those on the basic color wheel: true blue, red, yellow, purple, etc.; and off colors being those which divert and seem to have added grey, brown - a little off, e.g., the difference between a grass green and a celadon green, the difference between a grape purple and ashes of roses lavender.

For this fall wedding, I worked with what I would describe as an off peach - or a cinnamon. What a perfect color for fall. These roses are amazing and just get bigger and more perfect as they open. The overall look was pretty simple, but the two rose colors made it unique and memorable.

Flowers pictured include: hydrangea, hypericum berry, versilia peach roses, cinnamon roses, salal.

1 comment:

  1. Beutiful color combination! So elegant and feminine.