September 30, 2012

Baby Shower: Blue, Boys, and Britain

Afternoon Tea at a British-inspired Tea Room: what fun!

For a lovely afternoon tea celebrating the impending arrival of a baby boy, I kept it simple and let the flowers speak for themselves. Clusters of blue in varying shades dotted the rustic wood tables and looked marvelous paired with the mixed tea cups and saucers. The blue of the flowers picked up the blue in the curtains and the other blue elements of the tea room - a harmonious combination indeed!

Flowers pictured include: light and dark blue hydrangea, light and dark blue delphinium, bachelor's buttons.

September 20, 2012

Barnes Reds

Reds and greens aren't just for Christmas.

The look of vibrant, electric reds and fuschias next to acid greens is always fresh, clean, and good for any time of the year. For this corporate event, I contrasted the chocolate, coppery clothes with these bright colors.

As I have said before, a lot of different looks can work in this space, but my favorite is one that picks up on the dual, contrasting elements of hard/linear (as seen in the granite water feature, iron gate, straight lines of stone) and soft/curvy (as seen in the fabric walls, wooden floors, light stone). The glass cube (hard) with the burst of nature and color (soft) works perfectly.

Flowers pictured include: freedom roses, hot lady roses, green hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, cockscomb, hypericum berry, salal.

September 16, 2012

Out of the Blue

As I said before, blue has been very popular this year!

Just a glimpse at a few bouquets and an altar arrangement for a late summer/early fall wedding. Delphinium, often temperamental, is stunning when it's perfect - and this crop was - and the gardenias in the bridal bouquet were pretty spectacular as well.

My favorite view of this wedding is that of the altar arrangement against the stunning cobalt of the stained glass. Nothing is prettier on a clear, sunny day.

Flowers pictured include: blue delphinium, white hydrangea, green hydrangea, gardenias, white mondial roses, white spray roses, salal.

September 07, 2012


Rather surprisingly, blue has been quite a popular color this year - and especially the specific color combination of blue and white.

Another surprise has been the resurgence of baby's breath. After years of (rather harsh) banishment from the world of 'good taste', baby's breath is back. What works best is not using it in a mixed arrangement so popular in the 70s in 80s, but using it as it grows in the garden: in dense, bush-like quantities.

The effect is pretty cool and for a hot early fall day, the look is lacy, ethereal, and natural - the baby's breath arrangements are cloud-like across the room.

Flowers pictured include: baby's breath, white hydrangea, blue hydrangea, white vendela roses.