October 21, 2012


Pink is a very popular color for weddings. It's fresh, it's versatile, it's very flattering, and there are many flowers available year-round in all shades, ranging from the palest blush to the sharpest cerise.

For this wedding, I added the softness of astilbe and wax flower to break the rather structural/molded look of the snapdragon. The centerpieces were comprised of a single arrangement surrounded by three different vases of different mixed flowers. The look was full and lush and bridal - just what the bride was hoping for!

Flowers pictured include: hydrangea, snapdragon, astilbe, dark engagement pink roses, pink spray roses, sweet eskimo roses, wax flower, limonium, larkspur, salal.

October 06, 2012

Abundance of Color

Fall, like spring, is an explosion of color.

Trees, flowers, and plants respond to the changing light and temperatures - the trees are ablaze, the flowers eek out their last burst of color, the plants grow leggier and insistent as they stretch for the last bit of light.

Decorating with fall colors can be a bit staid with the eternal combination of orange, brown, and yellow. I like to change it up - add some purple, some neon-like oranges, some velvety oxblood reds, even some unexpected pink - and fall looks fresh again.

This wedding was pretty spectacular, I have to say. I really loved the contrast of the antique hydrangea with the pigment-drenched oranges, rusts, and reds. To me, these designs exemplify the look of fall: the mix of colors and textures, the mix of textures, and the lush abundance of a fall garden.

(Check out the cake flowers - what a treat to decorate!)

Flowers pictured include: antique hydrangea, pink snapdragon, hypericum berry, orange lilies, blackout lilies, kangaroo paw, freedom red roses, donna orange roses, orange unique roses, ruscus, salal, green hydrangea, white vendela roses.