December 01, 2012

Holiday Wedding

The time between the end of November and January 1 is pretty crazy - but it's also a great time to get married! Everyone is in the mood to celebrate, and what better reason than to gather for a wedding.

This early December wedding kept the color palette simple - white with deep wine velvety cloths for the reception - and on a very cold and windy early winter day, it was perfect.

Especially lovely was the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Historical Park - gorgeous!

Flowers pictured include: hydrangea, snapdragon, wax flower, stock, calla lilies, monidal roses, gardenias,  ranunculus, Israeli ruscus, salal.

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick peek at the flowers I created for a private home today. Entertaining over forty people for Thanksgiving can be daunting, but a lovely space and flowers in the colors of the season help create the perfect setting to celebrate and give thanks. What guest wouldn't love to sit down to a beautifully set table?

More on what flowers and materials I used tomorrow - for now, whether you are just getting ready to serve a crowd or you are just finishing up, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

November 10, 2012


I will often talk about working with 'clear' colors and working with 'off' colors: clear colors being those on the basic color wheel: true blue, red, yellow, purple, etc.; and off colors being those which divert and seem to have added grey, brown - a little off, e.g., the difference between a grass green and a celadon green, the difference between a grape purple and ashes of roses lavender.

For this fall wedding, I worked with what I would describe as an off peach - or a cinnamon. What a perfect color for fall. These roses are amazing and just get bigger and more perfect as they open. The overall look was pretty simple, but the two rose colors made it unique and memorable.

Flowers pictured include: hydrangea, hypericum berry, versilia peach roses, cinnamon roses, salal.

October 21, 2012


Pink is a very popular color for weddings. It's fresh, it's versatile, it's very flattering, and there are many flowers available year-round in all shades, ranging from the palest blush to the sharpest cerise.

For this wedding, I added the softness of astilbe and wax flower to break the rather structural/molded look of the snapdragon. The centerpieces were comprised of a single arrangement surrounded by three different vases of different mixed flowers. The look was full and lush and bridal - just what the bride was hoping for!

Flowers pictured include: hydrangea, snapdragon, astilbe, dark engagement pink roses, pink spray roses, sweet eskimo roses, wax flower, limonium, larkspur, salal.