February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Oh, Valentine's Day - I think as the calendar nears the 14th of February, most of us treat it with an attitude of approach/avoidance.  I think this is a direct result of the over-commercialization and somewhat trite, tired nature of the day itself: one exchanges the usual gifts accompanied by the usual card. Ho-hum.

But why be ho-hum - love certainly isn't - and given what I do for a living, you probably aren't surprised to learn that I am a true romantic. That is why I have so loved to hear all of the 'how we met' stories of my brides for so many years - love springs anew at every turn!

So with an eye toward what is fresh, new, and bright (like love), I had so much fun creating these little jewels of centerpieces for a Valentine's Day dinner as well as a heart-shaped wreath of all flowers. Roses (hot lady, malibu, sweet unique, charlotte, majolika), gerbera daisies, bells of Ireland, pink snapdragon, white hydrangea, ginestra, and flowering branches of quince. As a favor for the ladies, I had cookies made with Robert Indiana's LOVE statue iced on top, which I tied off with bright white grosgrain ribbon.

Don't let love down on this day of all days by rushing to the finish line with the same old gifts and sentiments - be bold, be fresh, be inspired - and never, ever, give into the ho-hum!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!