July 16, 2012

Tropical Heat

The inspiration for this party was Jamaica - a favorite place of the guest of honor, the birthday girl. The host wanted bright, bright, bright colors with a hint of the exotic and I selected flowers primarily in the pinks and oranges family with pops of other complementary colors for interest - yellows, purples, greens. I also focused on texture - fuzzy, fluffy, spiky - to create additional visual variety.

The result was a riot of color and the arrangements worked wonderfully against the bright orange cloths.

Continuing along this line of bright exotics, I've included a few shots of a set of bouquets I did around the same time - chartreuse green cymbidium orchids with hot pink roses.

Using brights may seem daunting, but I encourage you to explore the outer edges of the usual pinks, oranges, and greens and try a few neons, electrics, and acids. These super bright colors are all the rage now in fashion and design, and it's fun to experiment a bit with flowers.

Materials pictured include: pink hydrangea, trick dianthus, hot lady roses, mombo spray roses, donna roses, seedum, billy ball, bullit purple allium, thistle, hypericum, concador lilies, aspidestra leaves, eremurus cleopatra orange, cymbidum orchids, and sweet unique roses.

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