June 11, 2012

Garden of Eden

This wedding - from late spring - gave new meanings to the words lush and abundant. Each - and I mean each - centerpiece was a unique design with different colors, flowers, and textures and each centerpiece was surrounded by smaller vases and candles also unique in color and design. The final look was intricate, layered, and a dazzling interpretation of a spring garden.

The bride works for the Philadelphia Horticultural Society and flowers were of paramount importance. She had a distinctive look in mind as she wanted all up high arrangements and a dizzying variety of flowers for a one-of-a-kind elegant and lush garden wedding.

To help draw the eye, we selected five different color waves - yellow, peach, pink, purple, lavender - across fifteen arrangements. (I tried to capture each table below.) The bridal table and surrounding areas were kept all white to frame the bride and groom. What a beautiful room on a spring evening.

The bridal and maid of honor bouquet were especially beautiful - the most precious of spring flowers in lavenders, purples, and whites.

Flowers pictured include: cream hydrangea, green hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, peonies, stock, larkspur, wax flower, cool water roses, versilia roses, cinnamon roses, skyline roses, anna roses, freesia, lily of the valley, lisianthus, calla lilies, oncidium orchids, ranunculus, snapdragon, amaranth, dendrobium orchids, green viburnum, snowball viburnum, mixed greens, mossed branches, and grasses.

Nosegays for Mothers

Bridal Bouquet

Maid of Honor Bouquet

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  1. Unbelievable arrangements! Thank you for sharing.