February 19, 2012

Playing with Color: Purple and Orange

The end of 2011 was very busy for me and I'm just getting to write about my work - thank you for your patience!

Here's a look at a wedding where I was really able to play with color. We all remember the color wheel from art class and the lesson in complementary colors - the concept that the colors opposite from each other on the wheel, when placed together, make each color appear brighter and more vibrant.

For this wedding, I didn't follow the color wheel exactly, but sort of riffed on it - the deep purples were countered with the burnished oranges, the cool lavenders answered the warm yellowish greens, and all the flowers were designed either atop clear, cool, controlled glass or around warm, gnarled, wild branches. Candlelight completed the looks with either tall pillar candles or hanging votives.

The bridesmaid's bouquets were especially fun to work on as my bride wanted a look very popular in the U.K.: single grasses looped in and out of the bouquet to create a sort of 'caged' look. It's very effective and I think rather playful. I like how they complement the unique shapes of the orchids and the calla lilies, giving movement to flowers that can look very rigid.

Always take a chance and play with color - you won't be disappointed!

Flowers pictured include: cymbidium orchids, mango calla lilies, schwartzwalder calla lilies, cool water roses, stephanotis, vendela roses, gardenias, blackout lilies, orange unique roses, purple stock, antique hydrangea, curly willow, israeli ruscus and seeded eucalyptus.

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