October 26, 2011

Indian Summer

It’s technically not been an Indian Summer yet, as we haven’t had a killing frost, but the warmer temperatures have felt as though summer has lengthened – and I welcome it!

Without going completely into the traditional autumnal colors, my bride of a few weeks ago selected colors that seemed to hint at the coming changes: burnt orange mixed with pinks.  The flower choice was inspired by the dress chosen for the bridesmaids – an allover print of these pinks, burnt oranges, and pale fawns.  Very different and pretty.

One of my more favorite things to do for bridesmaids bouquets is to do them in groupings – this is especially striking when there are many bridesmaids. We had 12 bridesmaids for this wedding, so we had three groupings of four: hydrangea, ranunculus, roses. Against the field of the print dresses, it was spectacular.

We did a mix of high and low arrangements (always very effective in larger areas to break up the space), and the high arrangements were placed in my antique crystal pedestals while the low arrangements were designed in burnished gold urns. On a warm early fall night, when we are not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, these colors just really worked and made the room come alive.

Flowers pictured include: white hydrangea, pink snapdragon, orange dahlias, pink astilbe, Donna roses, Orange Unique roses, Vendela roses, pink and orange ranunculus, salal, pittosporum, gilded leaves.

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