September 11, 2011

Vibrant Colors

Working with really bright, strong, vibrant colors is something I love to do. When I get the chance to work with a client who prefers contrasting jewel tones, I so enjoy using flowers that are more out of the ordinary and discovering new varieties or colors.

This summer, my client asked me to design some arrangements as well as a wishing tree of curly willow for a bridal shower using materials to match the invitation: chartreuse and shocking pink (a la Schiaparelli). I thought the colors perfectly suited both the season as well as the occasion, and using such strong tones rendered arrangements the antithesis of what one thinks of when one hears "pink and green"- sophisticated rather than cute.

What a fun party!

Here are some shots of the arrangements boxed up and ready for delivery (hence the green tissue). Materials pictured include: white hydrangea, curly willow, bupleurum, shocking versilia roses, celosia, and godetia.

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