September 26, 2010

Purply - and Pink

Blues and purples are the rarest, and therefore often deemed the most precious, colors found in nature.  Purple has always been associated with royalty but what you may not know is that purple is also associated with creativity - as in, highly creative people are attracted to purple. Interesting, don't you think?

My wedding this weekend used both lavender and purple throughout the various elements of the wedding - half of the bridesmaids wore a lighter shade, while the other half wore a deeper shade, the programs were printed in plum ink, and of course the flowers incorporated both colors. I used two shades of spicy smelling stock, acid green hydrangea, and an added shot of pink with sweet unique roses.

Bridesmaids' bouquets:

Pomander ball for the flower girl:

For the Buddhist/Lutheran ceremony, the Bride wanted something simple to mark the ceremony space. Ferns, candles, and river rock as well as candles and rose petals down the aisle:

Our centerpieces, waiting to be placed:

After the ceremony, the staff turned the room so it was ready for the reception while the guests were out on the terrace, enjoying cocktails:

It was a long day, but always worth it!

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  1. Tish,

    Thank you so much! We received soo many compliments on how beautiful the flowers turned out. They couldn't have been more perfect.

    Diana and Bobby